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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Platos Allegory of The Cave

Hi all! Hope all is well. I haven't posted in a while. Busy, busy, busy! I thought I would post an article I published a while back but never posted. It's food for thought if you will, based on Platos Allegory of the Cave. Some may not be familiar but in this article I first explain the allegory and then I put it to use in comparison to today's world. 

Click on the link to read it in full screen!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

From One Second To The Next

I just got done watching a documentary that I just have to review. I feel it is so important to get this out there. It's called FROM ONE SECOND TO THE NEXT and it's about texting and driving. It is from both sides of the story and it is a must see. We all know people who do this, you yourself may be one of them. I assure you though you watch this it may make you see that one text message is NEVER important enough to kill someone or in some cases to die for. Remember when you are doing this that you are not only putting your life in danger but you are putting innocent people in danger.

How will you feel about your life if you were to kill a family of 5 or kill a small child? To cause a perfectly well person to be in a wheelchair or in a coma. This ranks up there with driving under the influence of alcohol. You don't have the right to choose life or death for anyone so put your phone down so everyone makes it from a to b and I assure you that message will still be there when you arrive.

Please watch this documentary and share it with everyone you know!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sunscreen That Bursts People into Flames

September 27, 2014
by Cheryl Horath

A sunscreen that instead of protecting you from the sun, turns you into one. This is not a new story just an update on an old one in case you have never herd it.

Back in 2012 the makers of one of the most popular sun tan/sun block brand names recalled it's product after it was called out on being the cause of setting those who wear it on fire. Though this sounds crazy it is a 100% real story. After 5 deaths Banana Boat started recalling it's Ultra Mist spray on sunscreens. Brett Sigworth one of the victims from Stow, Mass. explained how after he sprayed on the sun block he went to tend to his backyard grill and burst into flames.

So throw out your Banana Boat sunscreen if you haven't already and note this only pertains to the Ultra Mist Spray it's the aerosol that is the problem as Anahad O'Connor explained in The New York Times after the Sigworth case, when it's sprayed from a can it can become flammable.Doesn't it make sense that if your trying to protect yourself from the most flammable ball in the universe you for sure don't want to put out a product that is FLAMMABLE?!?


Monday, September 22, 2014

Saturday, September 13, 2014

STUNNING Open Your Eyes Look to the Sky

by Cheryl Horath
September 13, 2014

I got some of the info in this post off of the Live Science Website (an amazing site by the way seems the sun is lashing out throwing solar flares at the Earth. The forecast for potentially supercharged auroras comes after powerful solar storms fired off eruptions of solar material. During Wednesday's solar flare, the sun unleashed a major X1.6-class flare directly at Earth.  Not often can you see this beautiful aurora from the United States but last night (friday sept 12) would have been your best chance to get a glimpse of this most amazing beauty. Those in the Northern United States may have seen their first and possibly once in a lifetime peek of the Aurora. Most often times you need to be much farther north making people like myself having only seen pictures, which I'm sure is NOTHING compared to what you see with your own pair of eyes.

Below are some videos of what I call the most amazing phenomenon you could lay your eyes on! Included is the stunning beauty of life. These are must see and must share HD videos of not only the Aurora but of the sky itself, I have never seen such beauty as you see outlined in these stunning time lapse videos, this is beauty we take for granted and overlook, all to often we hurry through life not even paying attention to what is around us if we would just open our eyes for even a split second...

  Amazing TIMELAPSE of the Universe

  Breathtaking TIMELAPSE of the Horizon

  Nighttime TIMELAPSE very Beautiful

The Sky Through the Anglo-Australian Telescope
I have a huge collection of these videos including Yosemite, the Texas sky, the Aurora Borealis 


CherMyOpinion Youtube Channel

More info about the 2014 X1.6 Class Solar Flare
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and Solar and Heliospheric Observatory captured September 10th, 2014's X1.6-class flare and ensuing coronal mass ejection (CME). (LINK)

X-Flare Close-up - NASA IRIS Mission Picks Right Sunspot | Video (LINK)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Suspicious blood-red water inundates river in Wenzhou, China

I know this is an older story but I feel it important to post. This comes from a news source in China but it did run in the United States media as well. It's from the 24th of July it seems an inner city waterway in the city of Wenzhou started running blood red! To read more on this interesting situation here is the link to the full story!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Hiroshima and Nagasaki A Peep into Hell

by Cheryl Horath
August 13, 2014

"Please Rest in Peace for the Error will Not be Repeated" -Hiroshima Cenotaph-

The first and only use of nuclear weapons during war occurred in the final stages of the second world war in 
August of 1945 with the atomic bombings of the two cities in Japan the first being Hiroshima and the second Nagasaki. This was carried out by the United States after an order given by General Thomas Handy to General Carl Spaatz on July 25, 1945. Shortly there after on the 6th day of August 1945 at 8:15 in the morning the first bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and the second bomb was dropped three days later on the 9th day of August 1945 at about 7:50 A.M. (You can view the letter that is referenced here in the public domain and the National Archives in the sources section below. )

This letter outlined plans laid out by the War Department to send not only aircraft carrying the bombs but additional aircraft of military and scientific personnel to record the effects of the bombs as well as impact points. Scientist from laboratories including Los Alamos were involved in the final assembly of these bombs and were among those who accompanied the mission stationed in the pacific on the island Tinian.The letter also stated that any and all reported news had to be given special clearance by the War Department and the President of the United States. Interestingly the letter also speaks of additional targets aside from those listed as well as using additional bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Today the information about these events have been declassified as well as video and pictures of this glimpse into hell. In reviewing the data now at our finger tips we can see clearly that the plan of action was by far greater then the mission carried out. We can see just as clearly that had the MASTER PLAN been accomplished life would most certainly not exist in parts of the world. The aftermath of these bombs will show itself for many years to come.

Interesting Facts About the Bombings

  • Col. Paul Tibbits the Leader of the mission to drop the bombs had his mothers name painted on the side of his plane Enola Gay. 
  • Tibbits also carried with him 12 cyanide capsules in case they fell into crisis over Japan this was unknown to those who accompanied him on the mission
  • Captain William Parsons was the ONLY one who knew EVERYTHING about the bombs, arrangements were in place for a pistol to be used on him in the case he fell into Japanese hands
  • Little Boy was the codename for the type of atomic bomb dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945
  • "Fat Man" was the codename for the type of atomic bomb that was detonated over the Japanese city of Nagasaki by the United States on 9 August 1945.
  • The mushroom cloud was seen 373 miles on the planes return mission
  • On the day after the Hiroshima strike, General Farrell received instructions from the War Department to engage in a propaganda campaign against the Japanese dropping 16,000,000 leaflets in a period of 9 days on 47 Japanese cities with population of over 100,000

  • In Hiroshima almost everything within 1.6 kilometres (1.0 mi) of the point directly under the explosion was completely destroyed, except for about 50 heavily reinforced, earthquake-resistant concrete buildings, only the shells of which remained standing there were 76,000 buildings in Hiroshima at the time the map here shows the extent of the fires resulting to view a larger map link to encyclopedia here 

Hiroshima Peace Memorial, a remnant of the city at ground zero of its nuclear bombardment pictured below

A B-29 over Osaka on June 1, 1945 Boeing B-29A-45-BN Superfortress 44-61784 6 Bombardment Group G 24 BS - Incendiary Journey June 1,1945 mission to Osaka,Japan. (U.S. Air Force photo) pictured below

U.S. Military Film on the Medical Effects of the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

More Videos

>Click to ViewThis 1946 film shows actual footage of the atomic bomb destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan

Sources used in this article

Emerging Viruses Aids and Ebola, Nature, Accident, or Intentional

This book was published in 1996 by LeonardG.Horowitz,D.M.D.,M.A.,M.P.H.
Foreward byW.John Martin,M.D.,Ph.D

THIS BOOK is painfully nonfiction - the story is true, the characters, scientific and political, are real. Secondary references have been checked and authenticated. Though many people - black, white, gay, straight, Jew and gentile - may wish to deny the implications of this work, the truth is the truth. As British statesman Edmund Burke said in the wake of the American revolution, "People never give up their liberties but under some delusion." Perhaps now, as AIDS consumes the lives, liberties, and pursuits of an estimated 30 million HIV- positive people worldwide, the time has come to vanquish our delusions about it and its origin. Despite its social and scientific importance, the origin of HIV has been clouded in mystery. Based on the mass of circumstantial and scientific evidence presented herein, the theory that "emerging viruses" like HIV and Ebola spontaneously evolved and naturally jumped species from monkey to man must be seriously questioned. Here Dr. Horowitz is presenting well-researched little known facts that, though highly disturbing, are an important piece of history that may also bear heavily on the emergence of new viruses, and 3) vaccine production.

EMP Attack on the United States

White House Bills and Resolutions


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