Monday, November 23, 2015

A Massive Section of Mountain Breaks Off and Plummets 1,000 Feet

  • The footage was captured by a geologist who just happened to be filming
  • 2,000 cubic meters of rock fell and caused an avalanche on the mountain
  • Major movement was detected prior to rockfall and hamlet was evacuated
  • Rockfall tore a path through trees and the noise echoed around the valley

Friday, November 20, 2015

Missing 2-year-old Hamilton girl found alive miles away

HAMILTON, Mass. —A missing toddler from Hamilton was found naked on the side of the road roughly eight miles away in Rowley according to ABC News. Lyndon Albers, 2, was last seen at 3 a.m. at her Lincoln Avenue home. Her parents called 911 at 7 a.m., police said.

The girl was found alive several miles away on Newbury Road in Rowley. She was taken to Beverly Hospital and later transferred to Boston Children's Hospital. FULL STORY

7 household items that may be spying on you

With an increasing number of microphones and cameras finding their ways into homes for security or entertainment purposes, homeowners should be aware of potential monitoring devices. Here are seven household items considered potential monitoring devices, from CNBC.

Man wins $1M lottery, keeps secret from wife

UPTON, Mass. —An Upton man who set aside a retirement nest egg to play the Massachusetts State Lottery won $1 million on a scratch ticket.  It was good fortune that he briefly kept from his wife, the lottery said.

For many years, Raymond Hazell put aside $10 to $15 from each paycheck to build a fund that he would use to play the lottery when he retired.

Hazell purchased the winning ticket in the “$4,000,000 Gold Bullion” game at Hopkinton Wine & Spirits.

After claiming his prize, Hazell’s plan was to greet his wife, Elizabeth, with a dozen red roses and a bottle of champagne along with his grand prize-winning check.

Hazell said he would use his winnings to pay off the mortgage on his summer home and do home renovations.

Students Making Racist Threats on Yik Yak Discover the App Isn’t Really Anonymous

After allegedly writing racist, threatening rants on the Yik Yak social media app 2 college students found out how just how good internet tracking really works. Just because you think you are anonymous on the internet some apps have access to users’ IP address, the GPS coordinates of the message, the unique user-agent string identifier for each user, and sometimes their phone number along with the time and date of each message posted. BUSTED!

Northwest Missouri State University student Connor B. Stottlemyre and Missouri University of Science and Technology student Hunter Park were both arrested for the threats. According to the company’s communications director Yik Yak may provide information to authorities even without a subpoena, warrant, or court order if a post poses a risk of imminent harm.


Saturday, November 14, 2015

Boston Marathon scammer who pretended to have traumatic brain injuries pleads guilty to pocketing $40,000

From the NY Daily News 11/14/15
'Every dollar she received was stolen' The Massachusetts woman who lied about suffering from a traumatic brain injury following the Boston Marathon bombing admitted she scammed charities.
Joanna Leigh, 41, pleaded guilty on Friday to five counts of larceny over $250 and making a false claim to a government agency. READ FULL STORY

Security Increasing in The United States After Paris Attacks

Heavily armed New York city police officers with the Strategic Response Group stand guard at the armed forces recruiting center in New York's Times Square, Saturday, Nov. 14, 2015. Police in New York say they've deployed extra units to crowded areas of the city "out of an abundance of caution" in the wake of the attacks in Paris, France. A New York Police Department statement released Friday stressed police have "no indication that the attack has any nexus to New York City." (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)


Image result for martial law in parisMartial Law Now in effect Curfew In effect. French President Francois Hollande said a state of emergency would be declared across France and national borders shut. “A state of emergency will be declared,” he said. “The second measure will be the closure of national borders,” he added. A mandatory curfew was instituted in Paris, the first since 1944, according to the Associated Press. French Army deployed on streets of Paris, can enter any home, business, or residence WITHOUT consent of owners.Personal rights and freedoms suspended in best interest of the STATE.

Merkel's Refugee Stance Risks Unravelling After Passport Find

Chancellor Angela Merkel faced renewed pressure over her open-door policy for refugees after a statement from Greek authorities raised the possibility that one of the Paris suicide bombers was a Syrian who entered the European Union posing as a refugee. READ MORE HERE

4 tour bus crash victims in critical condition

SAN FRANCISCO- Four people remain in critical condition a day after a double-decker tour bus crashed in a crowded and popular San Francisco neighborhood.

San Francisco General Hospital spokesman Brent Andrew said two men and two women are in critical condition. Two other men are in serious condition. READ MORE HERE

The London Eye ferris wheel is lit up in the colors of the French flag in solidarity with France after the deadly attacks in Paris Photo: AP


Video Paris terror attack: A series of coordinated terror attacks which killed 129 and injured 352 across Paris

The Telegraph- Video of The Attacks That Unfolded
• Summary of today's events
• Attacker had passport used to claim asylum in Greece
• How the attack unfolded
• One Briton confirmed dead, "a handful" others feared killed
• 129 killed, 352 injured 
• Special forces deployed on streets of Britain
• Paris attacks: What we know so far
• In pictures: Paris terror attacks

• The full story of last night

Friday, November 13, 2015

A Map in Your iPhone Is Tracking You. Want to get rid of it?

Buried in your iOS location settings is a feature called “Frequent Locations.” This is plotting the places you often go, including complete addresses and even a map. If something about that feels not great to you, here’s how to find and disable it.
1. Head to Settings.
2. Choose Privacy, and then Location Services.
3. At the bottom of the list of apps, you’ll find System Services—select this.
frequent locations ios
4. Here you’ll see everything the iPhone takes liberties using location for. At the bottom is Frequent Locations. Hit this.
5. Boom: your history. If you hit something on this list, you’ll get a map of them, showing you dotted across it.
6. So let’s clear it out. Back out from one of the locations you selected, and at the bottom of this list, choose Clear History.
7. Now, at the top, toggleFrequent Locations off.
The more you know, right?

Suicide has caused more American casualties than wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Bay Area News San Jose Mercury News -  On a day like any other in America, former Navy Master at Arms Daniel Faddis, 28, put a Sig Sauer 9 millimeter pistol to his head and shot himself.

Faddis took his own life on June 20, 2012 -- adding his name to the somber roll call of 22 U.S. military veterans who die by suicide every day, more than double the civilian rate. Since that day, some 27,258 of those we honor for their service on this Veterans Day have died by their own hand.


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Space debris to collide with Earth on Friday the 13th

USA TODAY-A mysterious piece of space debris called WT1190F is expected to enter Earth’s atmospherenear Sri Lanka Friday.
The piece of space debris is fittingly colliding with Earth on the unluckiest day on the calendar –Friday the 13th.
The object is believed to be a discarded rocket body and will likely enter Earth’s atmosphere from above the Indian Ocean around 11:49 local time or 1:19 a.m. E.T.,according to the European Space Agency.


THE HIDDEN ENEMY DOCUMENTARY EXPOSES THE COVERT OPERATION BEHIND MILITARY SUICIDES In early 2013, the official website of the United States Department of Defense announced the startling statistic that the number of military suicides in 2012 had far exceeded the total of those killed in battle—an average of nearly one a day. A month later came an even more sobering statistic from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: veteran suicide was running at 22 a day—about 8000 a year.

So what unsuspected factor is causing military suicide rates to soar? Find out in this must see documentary put out by the Citizens Commission of Human Rights.

For more information on this subject visit the Citizens Commission of Human Rights website at

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