There are ONLY TWO RACES ON EARTH those who want to destroy the world and those who want to save it. There's HATE and Love, right and wrong, good and evil and we all have the choice! We must all speak for those who can't speak for themselves. We all have to share the Earth, after all that's why is was created!

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Angel Canines For Wounded Warriors

 PLEASE PASS ON! Help support our Veterans without them we have NOTHING!

 "An estimated one in five veterans deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan since 2001 has or will develop post-traumatic stress disorder or major depression." This figure, reported recently in the New York Times, is a major reason Angel Canines for Wounded Warriors was established in 2009.

The mission of Angel Canines for Wounded Warriors (ACWW) is to insure that all ill or injured veterans in need of assistance from a service dog will receive free air transportation to a vetted service dog organization.


Foreclosure Pets

The goal of is to provide a FREE SERVICE where current homeowners can establish an account. Once the account is set up, they will be able to post their pet’s information, including photos, description, and contact information in order to find them a temporary home or a new family.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Scientist Say Birds Sensed Deadly Tornado Days in Advance

From National Geographic comes an amazing find, the sudden departure of golden-winged warblers before deadly tornado has blown away scientist... A new study suggests that these warblers detected the severe weather and got the heck out of the way—an ability never before documented in birds. This is another amazing animal story for the archive you can read it here

Death of Elderly Northern White Rhinoceros Leaves Only 5 Left on Earth

Sad story! Article from National Georgraphic. The rhino, named Angalifu, was 44 years old and under veterinary care for a variety of ailments at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, mammal curator Randy Rieches said in a statement. The death, he added, "is a tremendous loss to all of us." Read this article in it's entirety here

The Lost Pets of Fukushima: Photos

When people fled Fukushima and other parts of Japan, thousands of pets were left behind. While many pets have since been reunited with their owners, a horrific situation still exists in the no-go 12.5-mile radiation zone around the damaged nuclear plants.READ FULL STORY HERE


Weird Animal Question of the Week: How Do Dogs Talk With Their Tails?

This is just a cute article from National Geographic
Weird Animal Question of the Week: How Do Dogs Talk With Their Tails?
It's a main method of communication for man's best friend—but "what about dogs without tails?" reader Leanne Kirby asked in comment on a recent story exploring how dogs observe left versus right tail wags. If you love dogs you will love this article.

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Dogs at War: Three-Legged Dog Delivers Crucial Message in WWI

Must READ article from National Geographic
Dogs at War: Three-Legged Dog Delivers Crucial Message in WW1  
A French soldier and his dog, both wearing gas masks, head to the Western Front in 1919. During World War I, both sides deployed tens of thousands of messenger dogs. This is the first of a 5 part must read series. Link here


An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind! What happened to the truth and to common sense? In my opinion the only way to destroy a nation is to turn the nation against EACH OTHER. Justice is not served when the more money you have the more crime you get away with. Justice shouldn't have a price tag!

To those destroying the Earth, is your goal for earth a nothing place? That's all that will be left, you want to be a leader of ashes, dead animals, dead bodies, and toxic waste? Money should NOT mean abusing animals, killing our oceans, and being self serving. All I want is to show the world there is a different way and to show and make others see what is REALLY happening.
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What about the ANIMALS and What about US
What about the Children of War?
Am I just a Dreamer?

EMP Attack on the United States

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